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Jupiter, Florida    


Star of Jupiter Drum & Bugles Corps was born on November 12th, 1999 bringing FDC to the east coast of Florida. In June 2000, the Corps began its first competitive season in FDCI 10 winding up in 21st place at Quarterfinals in Madison that year. In 2001, Star was presented the honor of being the State of Florida Performing Arts Program of the Year. Over the last 12 years Star has enjoyed tremendous success in 3 different DC touring leagues; FDCI, VCL, and DCPI as highlighted below

DCPI Season Results


Finals Placement

DCPI V "One More Time Maynard Ferguson" 6th Place
DCPI VI "Heroic - Williams I" Champion - GOLD
DCPI VII "Return to Cairo"

3rd Place - BRONZE

DCPI VIII "Gladiator" 14th Place
DCPI IX "Lieutenant Kjie" 5th Place
DCPI X "The Dynasty of the Scarab Queen" 7th Place
DCPI XI "Whitechapel Horrors - Hunt for Jack the Ripper"  3rd Place - BRONZE
DCPI XII "The Great Wyrm" 8th Place
DCPI XIII "Long Way Home" music of Sergei Rachmaninoff" 7th Place
DCPI XIV "God of War" 3rd Place - BRONZE
DCPI XV ** **Did not compete
DCPI XVI "The King Must Die" 4th Place
DCPI XVII "Comrade!" 4th Place
DCPI XVIII "Cadent De Romam" 6th Place
DCPI XIX "Shostakovich" Champion - GOLD
DCPI XX "The Adoration"

Past Awards

DCPI XIV World Class Sweepstakes Champion

DCPI South Regional Champion - 5 times (V, VII, IX, XIII, XIV)

DCPI US Open Champion - DCPI VII

FDCI - 7 time Finalist, 3 time Silver Medalist (FDCI 13, 19, 20)

VCL - 5 time Finalist, VCL XI Division 1 Champion



Michael Ringgold - Executive Director

Ivan Diebestion - Corps Director

Forward Dynamics - Music Coordinator/Arranger

Mo Chopsman - Caption Head/Lead Brass Instructor

C. Tad Clearer - Lead Visual Designer/Program Consultant

Toney Marking - Caption Head/Lead Marching Instructor

Rhodes Ratatatki - Caption Head/Lead Percussion Arranger

Gina Leapstein - Caption Head/Lead Guard Instructor



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