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Aberdeen, Scotland   


The Aberdeen Cross Youth Association was formed in 1997 as an outreach program to teach music to the youth in Aberdeenshire County. A drum & bugle corps was formed in late 2001 and used mainly for parades and local sporting events. A year later Aberdeen Cross began field competition. Over the last 4 years the corps has been very successful in County competitions throughout Scotland and Ireland. Last summer winning a Class B crown at the Dublin Regional.

In April of 2006, the corps was purchased by The Star Organization and the name of the corps became "Cross Drum & Bugle Corps".

   DCPI Season Results


Finals Placement

DCPI VI "Gloriosa" 6th Place
DCPI VII "Carols of the Cross" 9th Place
DCPI VIII "The Witch and The Saint"

Champion - GOLD

DCPI IX "Angelus" 4th Place
DCPI X "The Miracle" 4th Place
DCPI XI "Race the Devil" 4th Place
DCPI XII "Divine Mission" 4th Place
DCPI XIII "Damsels in Distress" 5th Place
DCPI XIV "Bedtime Stories" 4th Place
DCPI XV ** **Did not compete
DCPI XVI "Pendragon"

Past Awards

DCPI Class A East Region Champion - 2 times (XII, XIII)

DCPI Class A North Region Champion - 2 times (IX, XI)

DCPI IX Canadian Open Champion

DCPI VI International Champion


To Be Announced for Season XVI




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